Wonderful vacations in Kazakhstan for a song

When Poland became part of EU, local inhabitants start to fly literally whole around the world. It’s all thanks to small airline companies, which are creating new connections from Poland every year.

The same is in 2017, because Kazakhstan does not require tourism visa for Polish passengers, plenty of offers occurs. If you’ve never visited this state before, you should do that right away.
Probably when you are wondering about that place, you are reminding of your ancestors, which were forced to live there during war. But nowadays, it is entirely different and hi-tech country, where you may admire Charyn Canyon tour for instance. This phenomenal object, located in eastern-south area of country is the deepest canyon in entire Asia, thousands of voyagers from whole around the world are coming here each year. Beside, while you are cruising trough this country, do not forget to do any sightseeing in Astana, the biggest metropolis. Architecture in there is amazing, you need to see it.
If you like your Charyn Canyon tour to be in reasonable price, you need to be wise while planning. At start, book flights from Warsaw to Kazakhstan six months earlier. It’ll give you a guarantee of the best price. Also, if you like to spare much cash, do not bring checked in baggage on board. Cause it is payable extra, and carry on will be in middle size, therefore you will fit many of belongings up there. Also, try to book accommodation using official page, where all the hotels are gathered. Thanks to that you will have a chance to get the best price.
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Kazakhstan is very fascinating place with great locations to observe.

Since this year it is even easier to travel there, cause you do not have to get tourism visa anymore. Because of that, cheap airline carriers opened fine connections from Poland to Astana.